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Something Special About This Book

Ninety-nine percent of the people who commit faux pas and have no table manners do not realize it. But these flaws are actually very noticeable to people with proper upbringing.

Table manners reveal the gap between two different worlds. Without them you may be successful, but you will never really belong. Class is not innate. It is taught from childhood. Your mountain of money, fancy cars, designer diamonds, clothing, and outrageous mansions will never compensate for a lack of distinction.

However, distinction is what would set you head and shoulders above everyone else. It can assist you in achieving a social upgrade: better jobs, better friends, better dates and a better spouse. In a word, you would get access to opportunities in a way that many do not even comprehend, because proper table etiquette enhances your entire attitude and behavior.

Because there is always a tendency to revert to one’s previous habits, you must be vigilant and disciplined in following the recommendations, rules and steps that we will outline.

Although intellectually it appears very simple to implement these guidelines, breaking lifelong bad habits can be as difficult and tricky as learning physics. Your natural tendency to imitate others may have led you to mimic others gaffes. Another challenge is overcoming the propensity to deny and disbelieve that you have any deficiencies or commit etiquette slip-ups. But if you had a knowledgeable third party objectively observing you, these deficiencies would certainly give you heartache and unravel an elusive chimera.

Who should read this book?

If you are a nouveau riche that just made it, a young diplomat that just obtained your first overseas assignment, an officer that has just been promoted to a higher rank, a clueless parent who wants the best for your kids, an executive in a mighty corporation, a college student with high hopes and aspirations, or a young actor competing in the dog eat dog world of Hollywood or Bollywood, then undeniably this book is for you. Certainly, if you own a restaurant or are hotelier, this guide is a must for you. It is for those who were never taught table etiquette, whose home life was informal and relaxed, and for those who had wrong guidance in this area and need corrections. It is positively the best option for those who come from a different culture and Western etiquette is new to them.

Remember that no standards are universal, and if you think you are excellent, you may just be lying to yourself. This book is fitting for those who abhor uptight, old-fashioned and excessive etiquette mumbo jumbo that is so remote, no one remembers it anymore.

Why should you read this particular book?

Other etiquette books try to sell something else to compensate for their lack of content. They mislead you. They say that they will explain things to you but they only sprinkle a dusting of useless information on you, such as tea etiquette, thank you notes, invitation writing skills, ten pages on what to wear and fifty pages on how to set a table. However, your expertise on how to set an exquisite table will not help you when the big boss is in town and you found yourself dragged to his dinner table at a snobby restaurant. Your Jean Paul Gaultier outfit will not cover your lack of pristine table manners. And that is what will hinder your upward professional and social mobility. This is a guarantee: show up with your Armani suit and Church’s shoes but eat like a savage and you will lose a fabulous opportunity. You do not understand why?

This book not only will explain it to you, but it will also coach you in step-by-step details that you never thought of, and correct your lifelong errors. It will teach you all that you need to know and how to implement it. This book is the most comprehensive guide on Western contemporary table etiquette on the market. As such, it does not have any affiliation to any manufacturer or any product or beverage producer whatsoever. It is also the best-priced book available in its category.

Surely, until now, you had no idea that those in high society have duly noted your poverty in etiquette. Without proper knowledge and mastery of table behavior, you could not upgrade yourself to date or marry above your social category. You will not have access to certain clubs or societies. Your friends will not be la crème de la crème.

But now your manners and etiquette savoir-faire will set you apart from everyone else. Just think of how your confidence and self-esteem will rise when you effortlessly rise to the higher echelons of society from which you were previously excluded.

This guide may appear basic. It is easy to believe that you do not make mistakes and faux pas, but most people repetitively perpetrate blunders over and over again like little children. You need to look at yourself honestly and objectively to see your errors.

Although good manners may convey refinement and elegance, they are based on common sense. It is not about perfection. This guide presents one way to do it among many others. It is conservative with a benevolent intent to make you look good.

Nevertheless, one crucial point remains true: the function of graceful eating or etiquette is to eliminate crude personal behavior that can make the dining experience less appealing to companions. Food and drink intake should be as discreet and inoffensive as possible. Rustic manners can unfortunately interfere with a good appetite and civilized interaction.

Also, the use of polite table manners is one way of showing concern and respect for the sensibilities of others. We have a lifetime to improve ourselves and to try doing a better job. It is but a choice. How do we want to be remembered or referred to: a refined lady, an elegant gentleman or as “another one of those”?

It is not boring to know etiquette. You do not need to be obsolete to have distinction and class. James Bond’s character is far from being an old fart.

This guide begins with a formal invitation called Gala Dinner. It is a fictional surrounding that serves as a background décor to make teachings more fun and real. You can apply the same principles in a more a casual setting. That is why it is recommended to follow the structure of this easy, straightforward, fuss free and explicit step-by step method. Good luck!

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